Ninos Jando Accused Violating Other’s Privacy: Crossing Personal Boundaries

Nino Jando, 34, was accused of secretly videotaping community college wrestlers in a men’s locker room. Authorities are reporting that Jando “may have dozens of other victims.”

Jando was arraigned this past Wednesday in Michigan on three counts of “capturing or distributing an image of an unclothed person.” Three individuals have been idenitified so far. Authorities report that so far none of the individuals Jando violated appear to be underage.

Authorities comment that Jando’s behavior in Michigan is not an isolated incident. They are reporting Jando has dozens of videos depicting naked males in locker rooms spanning nearly 12 years. Jando was accused of similar crimes in the Chicago area.   An undercover police officer in 2009 investigated Jando at a St. Charles Xsport Fitness Center for “acting suspiciously in the locker room.” A search conducted by St. Charles police revealed 21 videos spanning over six years in Jando’s possession.

Michigan prosecutor, Timothy Maat, speculates what Jando could have done with the videos and the possible consequences associated with his actions.

The actions Jando engaged in violates personal boundaries and privacy, and is a reminder on how individuals can abuse technology. No explanation can justify the behaviors he engaged in.


Information for article was gathered from: “Doctor accused of hiding camera in college locker room,” by Dick Johnson.  Link for article:










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