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Ted Nugent Gets “Twisted” By Dee Snider On Draft Dodging

Perhaps it is because I have a soft spot for Dee Snider, given how much I admire him as a person… and the fact that he once yelled at another customer for being mean to me and another cashier at one of my college jobs(the guy’s face when he realized who yelled at him was priceless), but this article about him calling Ted Nugent a draft
dodger” is just well played.

Nugent has been active in many conservative outcries, including his most recent gun policy beliefs and attempts to secede from the union. In response to this, Dee Snider reminded Nugent about a not-so-PC part of his past when he made himself so disheveled and malnourished in order to avoid the Vietnam draft by failing the physical. Nugent denies the story that he originally told in 1977 as a “big lie” and states now he had a student deferment.

According to Snopes, there is record of a student deferment, but also includes a 1-Y and 4-F classification that he did not pass his physical examination. Dee Snider has become quite vocal of his anti-conservative remarks, even asking VP hopeful, Paul Ryan to stop using Twisted Sister’s hit We’re Not Gonna Take It during his campaign.

I guess this one is just a battle of the bands

By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

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