One Good Thing, One Good Day

Thanks to our SJS Facebook page, we received a submission to post, “One Good Thing, One Good Day” which is an event that was held virtually on December 21, 2012 as a Facebook event in efforts to encourage people to commit acts of compassion for one day. It became a mass movement in less than one week, reaching over 20,000 people on Facebook alone.

“The day after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Danielle woke up and confessed that she had reached the limit of what she could mentally counter with positive thoughts anymore, sharing her feelings, I suggested that we start an event- one that would promote what these situations are lacking. The following morning, we set it up and the first event went live. It was immediately apparent that people are ready to see change in the world overrun with violence, discrimination and tragedy. The supporters gathered remotely from around the globe ready to create action and pass on compassionate gestures in whatever way they could. There were stories of helping to pay for groceries and holiday gifts, donating used items to charities, speaking with strangers who normally wouldn’t be spoken to, offering rides to those on foot, and many other kind deeds.”

The inspiration that came from this event lead to the creation of a permanent community page on Facebook in hopes to make this on-going.  The response from those who accepted the invitation to the first event was so positive, that a second event will go live on Friday, February 8th.

“The community should not lose the momentum and drive for betterment.”

While these events are not meant to be only Facebook events, Facebook is being used to promote the cause, motivate participants and help spread the word. According to the One Good Thing, One Good Day Facebook site, the long term goal is for these acts of compassion to become a way of living and for these events to become a daily routine.

“Just as a single act of violence, discrimination, or any negative instance can greatly impact people on a large scale, a single act of humanity can do just the same.”

As a society we need to believe compassion is the solution to nearly every problem we face. Each of us has the ability to attain, retain, and remit this one simple thing, through which, we can combat the atrocities that are occurring more and more frequently by the day.

Danielle Hanna and Gift Sawat
One Good Thing, One Good Day




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