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AIDS Cure Potentially Imminent

There have been mulitple breakthroughs, some even reported on SJS, in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Scientists in Australia sound confident that they are close to a cure for AIDS. David Harrich describes using a protein that HIV needs to replicate, it against itself:

Harrich said the modified protein, which he had named Nullbasic, had shown a “remarkable” ability to arrest HIV growth in a lab environment and could have exciting implications both in curbing Aids and treating existing HIV sufferers.

This is not an announcement of a cure, but there seems to be genuine optimism. The virus will remain with the host, but in an inactive form. I want to reinterate something I wrote in a previous SJS story on HIV/AIDS prevention, because this announcement does not mean a thing if it is not used in a humanitarian attempt to cure AIDS globally. So I say again, will there be a worldwide outcry to combat AIDS in Africa? If there a cure and it is distributed socio-economically, it might be akin to an atrocious genocide.


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