There Is Work To Be Done

It’s easy to see that there are things not getting done for the good of humanity. Corporations are out to do one thing, increase profits. To make matters worse, government stands idly by while the 1% lives off the back of the 99 and their decisions are heavily influenced by corporate contributions.

I decided to be involved with SJS because one of their main goals is  getting social workers elected to Congress. I am of the belief that if we ever get people in power who care more about the citizens they govern, rather than their own self-interest, effective change can come about. Every peaceful leader in history has preached about the importance of community, we deserve to have a government who cares about the masses.

It is the working people, such as yourselves, who need to be able to make the decisions for their own country. There needs to be more humanitarians making laws. That would shift the balance from political ideologies toward what’s good for humankind. I am glad to know that there are people out there doing good work to help their fellow man; we need to get them in office. There is work to be done, time to get started.

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