Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, LMSW

Georgianna Dolan-Reilly, LMSW

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Transgender Teacher Fired from NYC Catholic School for being “Worse than Gay”

Mark Korolikowski, a long term and well liked teacher at St. Francsis Preparatory School in Queens, N.Y. was terminated in August after parents reportedly had concerns about his transgender looks in the class room, and at school events. Upon hearing the concerns one principal of the school supposedly confronted Korolikowski about his gender and told him that he was “worse than gay”, while also forbidding him to present as a women at any school events or during school hours.  Despite toning down his feminine appearance, and receiving excellent reviews for the 2011-2012 school year, Korolikowski was fired in August for what the school claims to be “appropriate non-discriminatory reasons”.

While news sources appear to be conflicted over the nature of his termination, the school is now facing a lawsuit for emotional distress and economic loss, and a pretty large petition requesting an apology. It is great to see such backing for Korolikowski, and regardless of whether this is a Catholic School or not, this story shows how harsh some people can truly be, and represents what I expect to be the changing face of gender presentation in the work place. It will be a battle, but perhaps one day transgender individuals will not have to hide who they are in the work place.

Written By Georgianna Reilly, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

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