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Stem Cell Research Cleared By Supreme Court

Stem cell research gets boost after the Supreme Court refuses to hear the case brought against its practice. Scientists working with embryonic cells are overjoyed, knowing that stem cell research is very likely to be the way to cure many of the debilitating and deadly diseases.

The use of stem cells has been laced in controversy due to the belief of some that embryonic cells, or day old embryos, should be considered murder. Of course, scientists are not killing babies, the embryos, majority of which are left over from fertility clinics, and would generally be discarded. Other stem cells were never viable to become a fetus, and were created for the sole purpose of research. Due to many of the restrictions the lawsuits have caused, many scientists have been only using adult stem cells, however limiting the use might be.

Advances for diseases like Parkinson’s, cancer, Alzheimer’s and countless others could benefit from this work. Spine injuries, previously leaving a person paralyzed could become advanced enough to reverse the damage. Although there might be other attempts to halt funding, or progress on this research, for now, we can continue trying to save the world, one stem cell at a time.

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