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Rape In India Sparks Introspection To Culture

Many in India would like to forget the rape and killing of the young, 23 year old women, leaving it to hushed whispers, a closeted part of society. Some though are taking a high road, and one that isn’t easy under the best of circumstances, they are looking inward to see why rape and murder have become mundane. To look inside yourself is always the more difficult and the most lasting way to problem solve. The reason that most find it so taxing and would prefer to blame outward factors, crime rate, poverty, opportunity…a sick individual(s) is that it takes our responsibility out of it. If we put ourselves into the mix we are saying “I am a part of this culture” for the good, and the bad. We might not like what we find out, asking the question; an ingrained sense of discrimination, bigotry, hatred, feeling oppressed. No feelings we long to admit to, but they are what is driving patterns of hate.

You can take this across the board, micro to macro. A person with ongoing, failed relationships might look inward and find doubts about themselves as a motivating reason for what is happening around them. A society, which feels they are still on the fringe of acceptance in the world, might cling to any power structure that puts them at the top. And in India, the ratio disparity of males to females is significant, leaving no doubt that India is a man’s realm. India is not yet known as a world leader, their past class systems and poverty rates have slowly began to dissipate as many of the young students study abroad and more businesses flourish. It will take some time for old beliefs to evolve though, especially if they’re not addressed. Maybe this movement to look inward will help them, I hope it does. And I hope that we, and other countries can try the same.

By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

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