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Michelle Sicignano, LMSW

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Will A Sperm Donor Be The Legal Father?

A Topeka sperm donor is currently in a legal battle against the state of Kansas to keep from being declared the legal father of the child resulting from his sperm donation. A January 8, 2013 hearing is scheduled in Topeka, Kansas, and he is hoping to have the case dismissed. If he loses, he will be obligated to pay child support, which is why the state went after him to begin with.  The family fell on hard times and sought assistance after illness struck the primary wage earner.

The states case rests largely on the it’s requirement to have only a licensed physician perform the artificial insemination.

Far from the first case of this nature, it is similar to the logic which allows states to declare rapists as legal fathers, not only seeking support, but often also giving them equal parental rights.



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