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A Reality Love Story

I’ll admit it, there are certain reality shows that I love to watch. I attempt to shun them and act as though they hold no appeal and then somehow find myself completely engrossed in someone else’s life. Although I still stand true to my belief that some reality shows, such as The Kardashians, or anything involving Donald Trump can be directly correlated to the demise of Western civilization(+1 Mayans), there are a few that don’t seem to be the anti-Christ.

My new favorite is Catfish: The TV Show. For those of you who missed it, about 2 years ago this guy Nev and his friends unknowing documented his online relationship with a girl he thought was perfect. In a bizarre twist, she turned out to be in her forties and married with kids. Now Nev helps other couple who have never met meet for the first time, and overcome many of the “hidden truths” of who they pretended to be.

It has made me realize the complete change relationships have taken in the past 20 years or so. The introduction of the internet has reshaped how we view interactions, connections and relationships. Every day people meet, fall in love, break up, connect and share and they do it online. We know that not all of it is positive. How often do you see groups of people sitting together but glued to their phones? Yet how amazing that our circle can extend well beyond who we would normally be exposed to. You can meet and keep in contact with individuals who never would have entered your life otherwise. All of us are connected right now because of the internet. What once would have taken days, weeks or even months to travel around the world can do so in an instant. Times change. What was once an arranged marriage became a right to chose who you married. What once was a right because an option if you did marry. Now things change again.

What are some ways relationships have changed(for better or worse) because of either technology or culture change?

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By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

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