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How The Tea Party Threw The Republican Party Into The Harbor

The Tea Party might have cost the Republican party everything. What was once seen as the revival of the conservative party might have gone too far, sending the Right, right off the cliff. Early on in the party’s movement, the Tea Party stood as the unmovable force, gaining control of the House and backing President Obama into a corner during his first term. What has turned into a far-right zealot group, the Tea Party has even alienated its own causing them to lose the White House and the Senate, not to mention an untold amount of supporters. Instead of steadfast, Tea Party players were seen as unyielding as they refused compromise after compromise. Now, with no more compromises left, they might lose everything as tax rates will increase. The only thing worse to voters than compromise is inaction. The Republican party will have to do some serious regrouping and come out with a fresh start in order to gain a new generation of middle ground voters.

* Written By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW SJS Staff Writer *


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