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U.S. Troops To Turkey Amid Concerns Over Syria’s Missiles

By: Courtney Kidd,LMSW                                                                                                        SJS Staff Writer

The U.S. is sending 400 troops to Turkey, as part of a world-wide NATO task force to protect Turkey from possible Syrian missiles.  The U.S. will be bringing two batteries of Patriot Missiles and will be joined by other forces from Germany and the Netherlands. The constant barrage of fighting in Syria has been leaking into Turkey, causing concern for NATO since Turkey has been supporting rebel forces against Syrian regime.  Chemical weaponry is a primary concern for Turkey and their allies, as increased conflicts in Syria have resulted in an increase in firepower by the regime so desperately holding onto control.  

The death toll of Syrian fighting brought the world’s attention to this protest turned civil war.  Diplomatic ties were cut and UN sanctions slapped down on Syria’s president to no real avail. If the regime is to fall, rebel groups will then be faced with the recreation of government, a task, that Russia warns cannot be influenced by Western powers.  I’m predicting more trouble should this occur, as Western governments tend to want a hand in developing foreign leaders to ensure a beneficial relationships.  Russia’s firm stance to butt out might cause further cooling between our nations.  Not to mention the possibility of another unstable Middle Eastern government. 



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