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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Conn. School Shooting | There Is No Way To Make Sense Of This Madness

By Matthew Cohen
SJS Staff Writer

I sit here trying to think of something poignant to say, but my heart is broken. I could never imagine that  something like this could happen, its impossible to take in. Two things will come from this, the gun control folks will start talking about how this could be prevented, and everyone is going to start looking for reasons. I don’t blame them, that was my first thought. Somehow, someway we all must try to make sense of things. I think perhaps I have given up, this does not, nor will it ever make sense to me. It is sheer madness.

Still if we have been paying attention this sort of thing is happening more; it seems like almost everyday. There are mall shootings, Senator shootings, movie theater shootings, and now the school shooting in Newtown. Does anyone remember a period with more of these sort of unthinkable actions? I just cannot believe that they emerge in isolation, maybe it is just the social worker in me. If it is madness than it has taken hold of not just people, but of an entire nation.

Can the enormity of this crime be placed on one person? I want to have answers, I want to offer words of reassurance, but I cannot find any. I just sit here in the pit of sadness thinking of the lives that children will no longer have. It is not just the parents, nor the schools, nor the towns, nor the states responsibility to protect our children, it is all of our responsibility. Whatever it is that has taken control of this nation is beyond me, but I hope that we will go about figuring it out before more children have to have their lives cut short in such a cruel manner.  My prayers & SJS’s prayers are with the those children and their families.

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