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Gay Marriage Goes To Supreme Court

The Big 9, The U.S. Supreme Court will hear two cases regarding same-sex marriage.  Over the past few years all signs have pointed that this was an inevitable outcome of recent legalization of gay marriage in several US states.  Although it is possible that the Court will focus on California’s legalization, rather than declaring it a federal ruling, many feel this is unlikely given the rise in suits in multiple states.  The Court Justices have an opportunity to be somewhat proactive with their ruling, either by supporting or denying  the rights of gay marriage as part of protecting equality granted by the Constitution.   If they decide to ignore the big question entirely, it will probably just stick around like that guest who just won’t go home.  They won’t be able to ignore it for long.  An increase of suits against states are brought forward, leaving only a matter of time before a Supreme Court ruling will be needed.

I wonder at time what we will tell our children, and our grandchildren about the civil rights revival surrounding same-sex marriage.  It has not gotten to a point where the homosexual community has had their Martin Luther King Jr or Gandhi emerge, hopefully we won’t need one.  I would hope that in years to come, if asked who stood up for the rights of individual to be with the one they love, the answer could be “we did, we all did.” Let the arguments that people may do what they want in the privacy of their own homes be gone. Allowing two people to be together, but denying them that acknowledgement of marriage if they so desire is not tolerance, but cruelty.  Allowing gay couples to marry is not undermining traditional family values any more than allowing straight couples to marry for love, without consent of the families and the proper dowry. Tradition for tradition sake is one of the most dangerous practices we can partake in.

It was not my intent to have this turn into a blog.  But I believe there are certain topics that deserve to be more biased.  We can talk in an unbiased fashion about the fiscal cliff, and our foreign policy and maybe even about religion.  Even war can have its fair share of good guys and bad guys on each side.      Human rights? That’s one sided.

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