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Obama Asks Congress For 60 Billion In Sandy Relief, Will Congress Answer The Call?

The debt ceiling disaster and the fiscal cliff debacle are proof that America’s elected officials care more about ideologies than people. The abysmal failure of the two party system is going to be tested again when Congress decided whether to approve the 60 billion dollars that President Obama has asked for in disaster relief funds for Sandy. From the AP:

“The aid request could face a turbulent path on Capitol Hill, especially from tea party House Republicans who are likely to press for budget cuts elsewhere to offset whatever disaster aid is approved.”

The measure would provide aid for in both the public and private sector. SJS is based on Long Island, we are in the heart of this mess. Work has taken me from Oceanside to Breezy Point. The South Shore of Long Island is a disaster area; homes have been washed into the middle of the street. Perhaps this is not as bad as Katrina, but it certainly is in the same conversation. We are about to find out if the beating heart of American politics cares more about its agenda or its people.

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