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Victoria Brewster, MSW

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What is Best for the Client/Patient?

by Victoria Brewster, MSW – SJS Staff Writer in Montreal, Canada

So, the holidays are only a few weeks away…. now is a time to think what does a client need? How can we best assist them? Personally, as the holidays are only a few weeks way, I find older clients need more, are sicker or are dying. Is it the time of year? Is it coincidence?

My role as a professional is to assist them in the best way  or manner that I can. Besides the fact that I am a MSW, it is just who I am. If I can make a client’s life easier, less stressful, bring a smile to their face; why not?

Many of my clients are 80 plus and overall are in good shape both physically and mentally. We all have our ‘good’ days and ‘not so good’ days. At any time any of us can receive news that health wise things are deteriorating. What do you do? Give up or stand firm?

How do you best assist your client?

What is the tug of war between your personal values and your employer values?

These are all questions to ask yourself and to seek answers…..

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