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Tibet Is In Flames After 90 Suicides By Fire

By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW                                                                                                      SJS Staff Writer

Over 90 individuals have killed themselves by fire in Tibet in an alarming recent trend thought to be a political statement. Self-immolation has become a form of protest against Chinese/Tibetan politics which is credited to be held at a peaceful standstill by the Dalai Lama. How long until these violent protests skyrocket to a pandemic? Or lead to violence against others? Some believe it to be only a matter of time.

The Dalai Lama has been working for “autonomy rather than outright independence” of Tibet and its people from the Chinese government. It seems that many feel this is too slow of change and decide to capture the world’s attention through flames. Although aggressive protests have not yet broken out, one man was quoted saying:

Some young activists are talking darkly of another possible phase, of how thin the line is between killing yourself and killing your enemies.”

Peace. Peace and love and kindness are the points the Dalai Lama wishes to pursue. His opinion of violence is that is has never and will never be the solution to any problem.


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