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Michelle Sicignano, LMSW

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Innovative Tech-Based Government Program Saves Millions in Missouri

Written by Michelle Sicignano, LMSW, Staff Writer, Social Justice Solutions

With an innovative 5 year plan to save $500 million, the””Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) is one of the most innovative organizations using social and mobile technologies in the country. In fact, they are a model for how government can and should cut spending by leveraging new technologies.” Starting in 2010 and already at 70% of their target, it seems likely that they will exceed projected outcomes, saving even more for taxpayers while accomplishing tasks quicker.

The Forbes article quotes Mike Miller, MODOT’s Assistant Information Systems Director as saying, “We shut down two major interstates for an entire year. Because rather than take eight years to rebuild them while keeping two lanes open and have workers in danger – we decided to give our residents mobile maps and apps to maneuver them around the freeway,” and that move alone saved over $100 million in taxpayer funds. Other aspects of the plan are detailed in the article.

Innovation and technology provide real opportunities in government  and not-for-profits, as well as in the business world.


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