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Syria Goes Dark As Government Shuts Down Internet & Flights

Syria has gone dark today as al commercial air traffic and internet across the country has been shut down. Many believe this could be an attempt to get control over the violence that has been occurring between government offense and rebel fighters. The shutdown of internet will likely diminish the ability of the opposition who have been utilizing online communications for coordination of their efforts. Officials have not been able to say when this blackout will be lifted and few means of communication can still work. Those with private satellites on their homes may still be able to connect, however, phone services are even down in most areas.

Many are now worried that the recent increase in violence will “force the government’s hand,” some ask for the world’s help to protect civilians from the violence. This move might hinder the government, but many of the rebel forces have additional means of communicating with access to the web. When Syrian returns power, the rest of the world will wait to see what the light brings.


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