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Hot Or Not? Why Mean People Are More Attractive

Why are hot people mean? Is it because their over-inflated ego from being better looking than average creates a mean personality? Studies say no. One theory is that mean people are actually more attractive because they are more willing to portray a sense of their worth. The article states it is the “Dark Triad” of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathology.

Confidence is attractive, so many of these “hot meanies” may not actually be more attractive physically, but they are more likely to utilize additions to their looks to make them look more attractive than they are. That combined with personality alludes to this popularity syndrome. Believe it, and others will too. Anyone looking in from the outside might understand this because often enough you remember watching some guy fawning over this mean girl and thinking “Am I missing something? She’s not hot.” This might help explain why. All that’s standing between you and portraying how really really, ridiculously good looking you are is the attitude.

*Disclaimer. This is not telling you to be mean. Meanness has no place in a socially just world, but confidence in yourself will make it a more beautiful place.

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