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Why Social Work?

by Victoria Brewster, MSW – SJS Staff Writer

If you are reading this, I am making the assumption that you are already a BSW/MSW or you are a student to become one.

Why have you chosen the field of social work? What is the draw besides the obvious connection to people, to want to help, to want to make a difference, to see social justice occur, to provide those individuals in society with the basics and beyond…..

No individual goes into the field of social work for the money.  No individual goes into the field of social work to be glorified. One choses the field of social work because of a passion to make a difference, the draw to see social justice occur.

Now, if you are a student to become a BSW or MSW, what next?  What population will you work with and why? Do you have a niche you want to work in whether it is youth, adults, mental health, with older adults/seniors, job coaching, school social work, management, macro level or politics?

Hopefully, your internships or stages have provided you with a few answers or a direction to go, but know this will most likely change.

I have done school social work, case management with families, therapy with youth and families, case management with adults with mental health issues and now work with seniors/older adults. My niche is older adults and has been for 12 1/2 years, but it took me 5 years to realize this.

As a BSW or MSW, it is important to learn your niche demographic. It is important to follow your passion and to try working with different demographics and segments of society, and have different experiences in order to find this out.

Do you want to do clinical work? Therapy? Counseling? Management? Case Management?  Is licensure/certification required or do you want to go that route?

These are the things to think about during your educational experience, your internship experience and while working afterwards.

To me, what really matters is liking your job, liking your clients, liking your colleagues and finding your niche, the rest will fall into place with time……

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