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New Alzheimer’s Treatment Could Slow Decline

The progress of Alzheimer’s can be slowed with a regimen of immunosuppressants.  By utilizing this treatment, the tell-tale decline in cognitive functioning may be able to hold off a while longer by suppressing compounds associated with the disease.  For those who hear the word Alzheimer’s, what comes to mind is the devastating effects of memory loss and intellectual abilities associated with this progressive disease.  There is no cure and the treatments are a shot in the dark at best, with clinical trials standing as the silver lining of hope.  If this treatment can effectively slow the progression of the disease, it might make the impact much less severe.

As the baby boomers ease into senior status, the issues facing the aging population becomes more and more devastating.  Dementia and Alzheimer’s effects 1 in 8 Americans and is the 6th leading cause of death as stated in the Alzheimer’s Association’s latest facts and figures.  Prevention and effective treatments could help lessen the burden that this $200 billion+ per year disease costs.


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