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Unity Could End GOP Hopeful’s Career

By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW

SJS Staff Write

Gov. Chris Christie might have to kiss any hopes of his future of higher office good-bye, and no it’s not for his political views. The New Jersey state governor has come under some serious heat from his party…for complementing how President Obama responded to Hurricane Sandy. The Republican party was so distraught over the show of unity that they demanded a public statement avowing support to Gov. Romney. When the presidential outcome landed in favor of President Obama, some GOP members claim that it was Gov. Christie’s support that stole the election from the Republicans.

Criticism came in, berating the governor for even standing with the President on the same tarmac. Their overreaction might lead you to believe that the Governor and President Obama now have BFF friendship bracelets and matching tattoos. His political beliefs never came into question, and there are quite a few of his beliefs that I find difficult to handle. What I don’t find to be a problem is unifying in order to combat a disaster. There should be no disagreement in the fact that Governor Christie put politics aside in order to take care of the most important issue, accepted help from those offering and supported those efforts.

No man’s career should be ending because he rose above the pettiness of politics in order to do the right thing for his people. Now, luckily for the governor, once their fury from the election subsides, the Republican party will forget quickly what they thought was a backstabbing, and instead focus on the positive portrayal of a leader in crisis. Then we can get back to the arguments about politics.


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