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Courtney Kidd LCSW

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Bus Bombing Brings Israel & Palestinians To Brink

By Courtney Kidd, LMSW

SJS Staff Writer

A bus bombing has brought the 8 day escalating conflict in the Middle East between Palestine and Israel to a tipping point.  Quelling what was hopeful truce talks and tentative peaceful relations from 2009, this bomb may prolong the deadly battles before a ceasefire can be reached.  Deaths on both sides continue to grow, with the last count at 149, as hundreds of rockets are fired since Israel’s military operation launched last week. These strikes were reported as to deter Palestine from launching rockets into Israel as they develop longer range weaponry than they previously had.

As the attacks increase, many wonder will this be the beginning of the next war in the Middle East? And what will America’s role be?


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middle east Public Domain "Yellowblood"

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