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Indian Government Arrests 2 Woman For “Like” On Facebook

Oppression of woman is the oldest story in the world. Before we go condemning India for this ridiculous act, let’s not forget that GOP has also been waging it’s little war against woman right here. America is also not that far removed from a time when the size of a man’s thumb was the size of the stick he could hit a woman with.

My point? This is not a cultural problem, it ‘s older than culture. It seems every single world civilization has oppressed woman in one way or another. This time the Indian government has arrest two woman for “liking” a Facebook  post that criticized the India Government for its handling of a funeral for a government official. The woman have been released as the country, and it seems India has rallied around them. As a man of these times, I can can safely say that I believe that this world’s best chance for avoiding nuclear struggles is the leadership of woman. With few exceptions, men have led human beings and there has never been a period that was not marked with war. Perhaps it is time for a different strategy. On a bright note, it seems the age of multimedia is allowing social justice ideologies to makes a push back on oppressive tactics.

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