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Constancy In The Face Of War

Constancy is my favorite word. If things go well, constancy; if thing go poorly constancy. The word is the cool lemonade of wisdom to the hot summer days of youth. Humanity is in its youth. The follies of war and hatred are youthful practices, only useful to those who think shadows lurk in the dark. It is that fear of the dark, the unknown, that causes us to act in the face of reason.

Perhaps it is not so much war, but the hatred for one’s enemy that is the real folly. Must war beget hate? They are not the same thing after all, otherwise they would be the same word. If a people must defend themselves with war, let them also defend themselves with love. If love is the theme of war, how long can a war last? Last night I read in “The Art of War” that only a fool drags out a war and leads itself to depleted its resources. Humanity has been very foolish.

This what I mean about constancy, that running thread that connects all situations, people, places, and times. If we can learn to keep our heads in the darkest of times, moving forward slowly without losing our perspective, than the follies of our youth can be overcome. We dream of that day, our stories are littered with times beyond war. It is the secret calling in the human heart; the desire to go beyond our chaotic heritage into a new age of communion with the universe.

The young think they know all things, and yet they do not even know themselves. In their minds lay this limited sort of being, defined by this and that , but they are so much more. All parents, in their hearts, know their children are so much more. They await the day when their children grow to learn it to. A good parent combines a gentle hand with a consistent message. We just don’t know who our parents are, but I like to think they have been here all along.

We must speak more of hopes and dreams, how else can we combat our daily madness. Even if they all is hopeless and the day is lost, we must continue to burn with hope. What use is this world otherwise? In the word of a great man “I may be a dreamer, but I am not the only one”.

Here is to hoping that you have a constant day.

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