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Canadian Healthcare: Cancer Treatment

by Victoria Brewster, MSW –
SJS Staff Writer

One only has to follow the Canadian news, read the local paper or talk to health professionals, who will say Socialized Medicine or Medicare needs an overhaul. While there are many benefits to socialized medicine, basic coverage  check-ups, exams, tests, or treatment are covered for all who are eligible for Medicare, there are also drawbacks, like wait lists.

As I live in the Montreal area, the focus has been on cancer treatment, particularly for breast cancer. Once a diagnosis is given, it could be weeks or months until treatment begins. Imagine you are the one to receive the diagnosis. Would you wait weeks or months? I doubt it.

Many are turning to private clinics, private hospitals or  the U.S.A. for quick treatment and are willing to pay the money involved to do so.

How about medications? Some are covered and some are not. Imagine being a senior or older adult taking 4, 6 or 10 medications daily. The provincial government  pays part, or all depending, on your income bracket; the patient are left with the balance. Medications can be very expensive and if you are living on a fixed income the choice might be between medication, food or rent.

More needs to happen, changes are needed and it should be equal across the provinces and territories.


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