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Israel Threatens To Widen Offensive Into Syria

Violence on the Israeli-Syrian border is escalating. Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel; Israel is bombing Hamas. I could have written that 5,10,15,or 20 years ago it would hold true in some way or another. War always makes me sad. It is the most unreasonable of human responses to arguments that amount to a crisis of identity. As if Syria does not have larger problems with 40,000 people dead from civil war, the idea that they would engage with Israel now under those conditions is almost incomprehensible. Yet, Israel is “Ready to widen its offensive“.

An escalation  worries me because I wonder how long it will be before America enters into the conflict. The nation has postured itself for a military response to the Syrian civil war; Israel’s entrance into the conflict will give us the excuse we need to engage. America cannot afford to do so. A Syrian conflict could draw America closer to war with a potential nuclear  Iran. No other scenario scares me more . Conflict with Iran could mark the beginning of another world war.

There have been enough wars on foreign soil in a time when domestic matters desperately need attention. The strength of this country has never been in its military, it has been in the unrelenting growth of an industrial super power. Without  domestic economic stability, the U.S. cannot afford to maintain the war machine that emerged in the 20th century. Still,  the third Presidential debate demonstrated that U.S. interests continue align with Israel; how could an Israeli war be ignored?

President Obama on the conflict:

“No country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down” on its people, he said, and Israel does have the right to defend itself from militants in the Gaza Strip doing just that.”

If American enters into another front in the Middle East those words will be the ones that justify the decision.

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