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LBGTQ Voters Support Obama by 3 to 1 Margin

The Republican party is going to find it increasingly difficult to win elections when their policies alienate growing electoral demographics. This is aside from the mess that they made by attacking woman on their reproductive rights. Minority voters are  going to be the majority. Carrying the white male vote just isn’t what it used to be. An overlooked population is those who identify themselves as LGBTQ. It is a growing demographic; it is not surprising that they overwhelmingly voted for president Obama, in fact the margin was 3 to 1.

President Obama supported gay marriage during this election cycle. I commented back in May that this was a brilliant political maneuver. Some people took offense to that, but I stood by my judgment. They argued that he did it because it was the right thing to do; don’t get me wrong it is the right thing to do, but I was skeptical. President Obama’s campaign raised almost a billion dollars, that sort of big business does not make un-calculated moves. They KNEW that the LBGTQ vote would be crucial. It is important to keep that in mind before we praise anyone. The President might be for  gay rights, but his stance during the election is not a great barometer ; there was way to much in it for him.  Well it turns out that this was a brilliant move, because  president Obama came to an even draw, 49-49, with Mr. Romney with the rest of the population. This might be a stretch, but it seems like the LBGTQ vote won the election for him. My previous article made the point that young voters are also overwhelmingly for Gay marriage rights. The puzzle is becoming clear, the Republican party better start loosing up or there is no chance they will ever win an election in America ever again.

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