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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Aren’t There More Pressing Problems Than A Sex Scandal?

Matters of national security are important, but an extramarital affair that “might” have been a matter of national security just doesn’t seem to justify the coverage it is getting. I believe that the national security issue is just an excuse for voyeurism, what gets people going is a good scandal. I get a kick when a public figure is lambasted for doing something that millions of people do everyday, and I have no idea why we think that our leaders should be less human than the rest of us. Until the “mights” turn into truths, SJS is going to ignore General Petreus’ foul doings. I thought it would be a nice thing to share what I think is important on November 14th, 2012 in America.


I think that should do for today. Don’t be fooled by the media, keep your eye on the ball.

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