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Victoria Brewster, MSW

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Honouring The Memory Of One Who Has Died

I am curious as to how society in general, and this includes families, friends, colleagues and professionals, honor the memory of one who has died?

Every culture, ethnicity and religion have different rituals or traditions to honor the memory of one who has died.

In Judaism, on the annual day according to the Jewish calendar (Yartzeit) is the time to light a candle, say prayers or a blessing, and some go to shul or synagogue to mark the date and be with community.

Some people mark the day by visiting the cemetery  saying a few words, bringing flowers to leave at the grave and others have a special meal together to share memories of the one who has passed.

No matter what ritual or tradition is completed, it is to honor the one who has passed. to remember the individual’s good qualities and perhaps not so good qualities, but it also gives an opportunity for shared grieving which is very important.

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