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Prime Minister Will Not Allow Anyone To Fire on Israeli Citizens

It’s a story as old as The Bible. Tensions are mounting again in the Middle East. Syrian violence is spilling into the Syrian-Israeli border. The Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a clear statement on the new border aggression.

“Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday, through a spokesman, that he “will not allow anyone to breach our borders or to fire on our citizens,” The Jerusalem Post reports.”

Israel has fired back into Syrian territory and reports “direct hits”. This has been described as a calculated and precise response from Israel. It is most likely Israel’s way of telling Syria to get their house in order.

Violence from the Syrian Civil War has been well documented and brutal, but this has extended the conflict regionally.

“More than 36,000 Syrians have been killed in the fighting, according to estimates by anti-Assad activists.” 

How does the U.S. respond if it escalates? I vividly remember both Presidential candidates claiming that Israel is our greatest friend in the region; their words might be tested sooner than later. Both articles have detailed information on the situation.

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