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Military Social Worker KIA: A Veteran’s Day Rememberence

As we enter into this holiday weekend, let’s remember what Veteran’s day is celebrating.  We are honored by the service and sacrifice our nation’s military provide for us.  Those who have served our great nation have the continuing respect and gratitude from our members here. We offer our profound thanks to you for your service, and for our new returning service members, welcome home. 

I came across this story and needed to share it.  A little over a year ago, the first Military Social Worker Killed In Action was buried, survived by his wife and children.  The article discusses the man that Lt. Col David Cabrera was and his commitment to serving his fellow soldiers.  I have rarely read such a poignant and moving piece as the one describing his life.  Mental health professions play a vital and often overlooked role in our nation’s military.  They provide the first line of defense to the psychological and social stressors that surround war.  I have a special affinity towards them since it was the path I wished to follow. 

So as we celebrate this three day weekend, make sure to thank a Veteran for all they have done, and remember that not all Veterans fit the description we might have for a soldier(or respective branches).  They are the mental health workers, the medical, the supportive staff, the administrative staff and everyone in between.  We may also celebrate the dwindling down of our current wars this year and hope for even more safe returns in the upcoming one.  As fellow social workers,  keep in mind the extra need for military/veteran awareness as we see clients.  Even if it is not directly your job, you will encounter those who have served.

Happy Veteran’s day, thank you for your service.


military Public Domain United States Army ID 101111-A-6042B-026

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