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Mending Rifts With Friends And Family

I just finished watching the Disney movie ‘Brave’ with my kids and I have to say it is one of the better Disney movies. Action, female role models and of course a point behind the story which is of course intended for the adults who watch with their kids. Think ‘Shrek’ with humour and a storyline which is geared for adults who have to sit and watch an animated movie with their kids. Cool

“Brave’ is about a family in Scotland who has a King and Queen, but like most royal families it is the Queen who truly rules and tries to pass on the importance of this to her daughter, who of course has no interest in royal life, takes after her somewhat barbaric King father and wants to do as she pleases. She has no interest in following tradition and marrying. She as princess wants true love not forced love.

Merida decides to take matters into her own hands and visits a witch who gives her a ‘spell’ to cast on her mother to force her wishes.

Now, in case you have not seen the movie, I do not want to ruin it for you as a lot happens between the witch spell and the end of the movie. It is a Disney movie though and all works out with a few events along the way, but finally the princess gets the Queens blessing to change tradition and marry for love and the rest of the kingdom agrees.

My point to this story is with clients and patients the same goes-acceptance and acknowledgement for who they are. We cannot force change, but make suggestions to ‘mend rifts’ in their lives. We can show the way to do so, but ultimately it is the clients decision to do so or not and we as helping professionals must accept their choice.

So, Disney wins again in having an animated film meant for kids, have a message that targets the adults who watch it with the kids.

We can all find meaning in everyday things if we open our hearts and minds and are willing to do so.

*November 4,

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