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Life Without Political Parties. What Would Happen?

I have a great idea for the next election.  Abolish the conventional parties and allow candidates to run based on their principles and agenda.  Then see who people would really vote for if they didn’t have a party telling them who has the better ideas.  You see, this would be brilliant because we could finally see candidates for their real party lines.  We might understand then that President Obama is not, as the rumor mill puts forth, a socialist(not to mention the other rumors), he is more closely related to a moderate republican in his stances.  Don’t believe me? Check out his hot button issue’s origins: healthcare, immigration, stimulus, military, most of them are old school republican ideology.


It’s similar to research.  In order to get the most undiluted results, we must first eliminate as many confounding factors as we possibly can. Having predetermined biases will only mean that the results that come out aren’t a true indicator of the question.  So how would people vote based on the ideas? I don’t know, it stands to reason those who stand with a certain political orientation would vote for the person who put the best representation of that idea forward, not for the person wearing the right party’s color tie. “But the color brings out his eyes!” Yes I know, but keep moving, we’ve got plenty else to see.  Now, with the Trump Tirade calling for a revolution, I admit, part of me was disgusted yet again at why anyone’s listening, and the other part of me said, good, call a revolution on the electoral college, call it on the circus of political campaigns and party lines.  Most of all, call a revolution on those who seek to hold us back from progress. But do not call one because the people elected someone you dislike. Anyone with an abundance of time on their hands could do me a favor. Put together a chart of some of the more beloved presidents from each party and their stance on issues. Let’s line it up and see where we stand and who we really would be voting for.

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