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Sandy Induces Hysteria

I am 33 years old and have never seen anything that approaches the craziness in the aftermath of Sandy. Now, this is not a comparison to other natural disasters; clearly there have been, and will be, more destructive events. I have heard of gas lines from the late 70’s, but in my lifetime, nothing. Still, there is a madness in the air. Drive down a local street in a quiet neighborhood, and you see a fixed line that stretches for miles. Those brave seekers of the holy grail, waiting for their turn at the pump.

Honestly, I don’t  get it, and mentioned this in my latest write-up,  there is a lack of organization in the wake of Sandy.  This should have been predictable, work should be closed.  Awareness of  an emerging gas crisis  should have come sooner. President Obama, to his credit, spoke about steps to discuss the nations vulnerabilities to natural disasters, but honestly that’s an easy call when people are suffering. Where is the vision, where are the keepers of the nation who are responsible for devising the way for our nation’s safety. The debates were rife with talk of guns and defense, and yet these sort of events resent a greater threat. I did not hear about energy independence. There was a time we called for a chicken in every pot, where is the call for a solar panel on every roof? There are dozens of reasons for the nation to make this its number one priority; we will all wait and see how long the memory of the nation lasts.

People are getting testy around here; nothing throws people off more than breaking their routine, and a taste of post apocalyptic America. It’s hard to adapt, it takes people time, but hopefully they will work on learning to do so quicker. Here is hoping people have the good sense to stay home, drive back and forth to the grocery store, save your gas, and wait for the cavalry to  arrive. I have lived in New York my whole life, I am not holding my breath.

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