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Please Sir, May I Have Some More? A Look at World Hunger Profiting

Outside of a Miss America contest we hear very little about world hunger, which as national economies fail across the world, should actually be an open issue. What some might not realize is that this growing concern is that not only might it have been prompted by our neighborhood friends on Wall Street, but there are many profiting from hunger.

Think of oil and gas prices being speculated and traded on, now, substitute wheat the same way and we can start to understand how this might have been possible. What some are calling the inevitable “food bubble” the prices of food has risen roughly 80% between 2005-2008. The result is a smaller supply, higher demand and imaginary prices creating our real ones.

There have been accusations of profiting from the food shortages  against another corporation, Glencore . They trade in commodities like food, oil, gas, etc. and reported about a 3 billion dollar profit(before taxes). In addition, the company has lobbied heavily to prevent any reform that could jeopardize their future in the industry…what industry? I’m not sure, I don’t know too many people pursuing a career in starvation expert, but what the hell, I’m sure their response will be to “Let them eat cake.”*

Yes, I know, “Let them eat cake” misrepresents Marie Antoinette, but for this purpose let’s continue the legacy.


food Public Domain Dorothea Lange [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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