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Is Cloud Atlas Telling Us We’re Our Brother’s Keeper?

“Our lives are not our own, we are bound to others past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future.”- Cloud Atlas
I saw Cloud Atlas last night, and without giving anything of the movie away for those who haven’t seen or read it, I wanted to discuss how impactful this quote was.  It popped up at different times throughout the movie and one could argue a religious nature, but I disagree.  I couldn’t help feel struck by how close it feels to social work. The only thing that needs to be added is that we are also bound to those in the future.  Every action we take impacts everything else around us. And those who do good will continue to do good.  There are times when we wonder what difference something might make.

Whether we understand it now, or ever will doesn’t mean that we are important for no other reason than because we are here.  Our lives continue to intertwine and influence others just as we are constantly influenced. What could be more “social work” than that? Selfish interest is the detriment to society.  The idea that “we/I” is more important than “them/us.” All of these social issues occurring in our society and in our world today are selfish interests.  It is the feeling of disconnect from others that allows hatred, bigotry and ignorance to triumph over compassion, kindness and fairness. Equality only can occur if we accept our bind to each other.   Everything else irreverent.

See the movie, read the book and let us know what you think

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