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10 Percent of Votes to Determine Presidential Election

From my new favorite website, the League of Ordinary Gentlemen. I am not sure whether it because of their opinions or because of their uber cool name. They reveal that today’s elections are decided by only roughly 10% of swing votes and that 45% of the vote is locked up by each party. This is disturbing for a few reasons. First, bi-partisan politics is dividing America in half in a way that has not been seen since the civil war. Secondly, these statistics are of the percentage of people who actually vote. Only roughly 50% of the population votes for a presidential election. The 10% of swing votes is only 5% of the actual votes. That means there are really 55% of unclaimed votes waiting to be won. That rather high. It means that 55% of the people are not being listened to by their representatives because they don’t vote. Anyway, the article is insightful so please check it out.

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