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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Hurricane Sandy Teaches Humanity A Lesson On Humility

By Matthew Cohen
SJS Staff Writer

It just occurred to me that the structures and motivations necessary to promote global coordination are in effect. This comes as I stand outside watching a hurricane pass through, knowing that all that can be done to keep people safe,has been done. It makes one wonder, why is it so easy to convince people to a rational stance during a natural disaster, but not so easy when it comes to other types of destructive behaviors. Actually, the nature of a natural disaster answer this question, it effects everyone regardless of status, beliefs, wealth, prominence, ability or any manner of  delusional discrimination. Thus, the problem is not the lack of infrastructure  nor the lack of resources, but the lack of imagination that, like our time during a hurricane, we are all in this together. Although  a hurricane is quick in comparison to poverty, racism, classism and all other social ills, they are no less destructive than Sandy. One people, one love or as a new friend said to me today, Ubuntu!

Please be safe.



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