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Buddhism, Mindfulness and Pyschotherapy

A question and answer session with Dr. Mark Epstein about the parallels between psychotherapy and Buddhism. Having practiced both, I can say that they certainly have much in common. They both approach examination of the self in a scientific way which is what makes the subject so interesting. Cross referencing the two topics is viable once you understand the language of it. I especially appreciate the connection between social work practice and Buddhism, because I feel that both seek the cultivation of compassion as essential elements. I read a book by Dr. Epstein, Psychotherapy Without the Self:A Buddhist Perspective, during my first year in grad school and it has certainly altered the way I approached the works on ego psychology. Nagarjuna Examined the Self in The Fundamental Wisdom of The Middle Way about 1900 years before Freud starting doing cocaine and blaming woman for everything wrong with society. It is reassuring to know that what we are "discovering" today has been independently confirmed by so many different cultures over the last 2500 years. Enjoy mystic seekers!

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