Social Workers Protesting in the Street? Where in the World….UK Edition

The National Association of Social Workers’ website called “Social Workers Speak”  recently did an article on the uproar of British Social Workers caused by the soap opera  “EastEnders”.  The article further states that British Social Workers are protesting the use of public funds to finance a television show that is providing misinformation and oppressive practices by a Social Worker on the show.  However, this is not the only issue that has angered British Social Workers. On October 20, 2012, Austerity measures instituted by the British Government has Social Workers and other public sector workers protesting in the street as result of cuts to public services.

The British Association of Social Workers issued a statement on its support and participation in the rally against the failed economic policies of the government to cut public services. Also, the British Social Work Action Network worked in concert to help organize Social Workers for a strong showing of solidarity. According to the United Kingdom’s Community Care Social Work Blog, these massive cuts and the confusion on proposed cuts are affecting worker’s ability to staff their units as well as provide services to those in need.  Governments in Spain and Greece also utilized austerity economic plans that devastated public services which led to a massive decline in the growth of their economies.

The United States was the only government in recession to opt for a economy stimulus plan which protected public sector jobs and services. Although many argue that the stimulus plan did not work, the United States has not seen a regression in the economy like other world governments instead has experienced growth. However, the Romney/Ryan budget is an austerity economic plan that will slash public sector jobs and services with its proposed spending cuts. As Social Workers, we pride ourselves on using evidence-based models to assess what is working and what’s not working in order to provide efficient delivery of services. How many government workers in modernize countries utilizing austerity economic policies will it take to make us think twice about the devastation a Romney/Ryan ticket will do to this country and our profession?

Deona Hooper, MSW
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