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What to Expect from Tonight’s Final Presidenal Debate

With several polls showing Obama and Romney almost at a tie in polls and so much content avoided in the past two presidential debates tonight’s debate, on foreign policy, is sure to be a doozy. The ‘agenda’ has already been pre-released and according to the Washington Post article Foreign Policy: Where and When to watch the topics will include:

  • America’s role in the world
  • Our longest war: Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Red lines: Israel and Iran
  • The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism I
  • The changing Middle East and the new face of terrorism II
  • The rise of China and tomorrow’s world

Each section will be 15 minutes long, if all goes according to plan. President Obama and Mitt Romney will also be seat next to each other for this debate, surly offering some great discussion of body language and behavior. I find it interesting that despite all that is going on domestically we are more prone to be interested in and concerned about the bigger picture, or foreign policy and action. I suppose this is similar to how many people want to solve other’s problems but will blatantly avoid their own. Are we passing the blame? Are we just a nation fearful of confronting our own issues and fears? What does this mean about solving our problems on our own land? Perhaps some questions such as this will pop up in tonight’s debate but the domestic issues have always seemed to be avoided. Unfortunately, the next president cannot avoid them too much or our global status might be at stake.

Here are some other media insights into tonight’s debate and what to look out for:

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NPR’s Five Debate Worthy Fact About China


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