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Michelle Sicignano, LMSW

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A Must See Inspriational Expriment in Empathy

Cross in the Closet: Straight Christian Lives a Year as Gay Man, is inspiring story of a young, heterosexual, Christian man who, for a year, lived as a gay man in a social experiment.


“With his friends, “the thing that struck me most was the isolation,” he said. “Before I came out as gay, I had a very busy social life. After I came out, I didn’t hear from 95 percent of my friends.”

In his book, Kurek stays away from theology. “I want this seen as a people issue,” he said. “When we are shunning people, we are shunning Fred and John and Liz and Mary. These are human people.”

“In the end it was a book about prejudice, not a book about being gay.””

I found this to be a great story of a young man who worked to overcome religious indoctrination so that he could embrace the underlying values fundamental to his faith.

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