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Is It Better To Have Loved And Lost?

I had the opportunity to catch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night.  It always surprises me how much this movies leaves an impact no matter how many times I watch it. Last night, as I watched the story unfold I could not help but think of whether the concept of erasing memories, erasing people would be something that would take off if possible.  Each one of us have bad memories, bad relationships, shame, you name it.  No doubt there are times when these memories haunt us.  They stand behind us, whispering in our ear to remind us of what we lost, what we miss and that we wish really was.  At the pinnacle of these feelings, as they consume us, would not it be some sweet relief to have never had them? I can honestly say I don’t know.

The relationship you see between Clementine and Joel is real, it is relatable.  In the beginning it is exciting and fun and they find in each other what they were both missing.  Towards the end those same traits are what drive them apart.  Yet, with those memories erased, they are drawn together again.  I’ve always believed that we don’t “get over” something; we learn to live with it. Those phantom pains, the haunting memories of the past stay with us.  Might we be better off without having some?  OF course many of these experiences have taught us things and without them we would not be the same.  Yet is that a positive of negative?

Are we ourselves because of what we are made of? Or are we who we are because of our experiences? Can you honestly say that there are memories that you wouldn’t erase give the chance?


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