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Maybe Facebook Will Give Us Back Our Fans When They Read This!

I’ve been railing against this for the last 3 months as Facebook has rolled out their promoted posts. I never really had a problem with promoted posts, I thought cool, this will allow us to pay to reach the 85% of fans that we don’t reach with any given post. That was until that percentage dropped week after week until we were finally reaching about 2% of our fans unless we pay to reach them. Reaching 15% of people made sense to me, I am not greedy or unreasonable, but 2% annoyed me, especially coming from a company that I really used to believe in. Hopefully that is about to change.

Sterne Agee, a brokerage firm, recently conducted a survey as to how much Facebook users would pay to reach their friends. The overwhelming majority voted ZERO. Is that surprising  Mark Zuckerberg is always claiming that he wants to connect the world, but he forget to mention that he is only willing to do it if he gets his ferryman’s fee. Fans did like the idea of being able to purchase gifts on Facebook. This is clearly a great idea, say you see someones birthday online, click a few buttons, send them a card or present. Great idea! Now give us back our Fans! One of the main reasons that SJS partnered with is that SWH believes that people should be connected for free. We share that sentiment and are completely willing to forgo the 15,000 fans, we cannot reach btw, in favor of a free network for social workers. It’s everything we believe in, so please checkout SWH.

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