The Glorification of White Crime


Relando-ThompkinsI recently came across a blog post that was shared by Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian’s Facebook Community Member Saman Waquad. Saman is always up to something social justice related, and this blog post she shared entitled “The Glorification of White Crime” really caused me to stop and think.

From Tumblr: The Glorification of White Crime

“pick a crime, any crime, and Western media has probably made a movie/TV series/play/etc. with a white person that romanticizes the criminal activity. No matter what, a white person can do whatever terrible crimes and still have a TV/movie fanbase that loves them.

When you see black or brown people committing crimes on screen, you are to see them thugs and criminal masterminds and people to be beat down.
When you see white people committing crimes on screen, you see a three-dimensional portrait of why someone might commit that crime, how criminals are people too, and how you should even love them for the crimes that they commit because they’re just providing for their families or they’ve wronged or they’re just people and not perfect. This is particularly a luxury given to white male characters, since there few white female criminals as protagonists.”……Read the Full Article

The Tumblr page, which is called “This is White Culture” seeks to “show a common thread of white history as it relates to the oppression of PoC.” (People of Color)

I haven’t looked over the blog in its entirety, but he subject matter of this post definitely raises some important prompts for discussion about the racialization of crime and how it manifests itself in society.

Did you read the article? What are your thoughts?


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