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Romney Slams Electric Car Companies Fisker and Tesla, They Do Not Agree

During yesterday’s debate I commented on a Romney line to my wonderful Wife. I said “Why is he calling Tesla a losing venture”. Tesla, for those who don’t know, is in the process of creating a luxury electric car in the $50,000 range. The kicker is that they are developing super charge stations out west that will charge your car within 30 minutes with only solar power. They envision creating these sort of stations country wide, and plan on rolling out an affordable version in the near future. I was taken by Romney’s statement because that doesn’t sound like a failing venture to me. Apparently Tesla, and Fisker, (another manufacturer) do not think so either.

From the article:

“Most troubling is that Romney’s comments appear to be in direct opposition to his focus on America’s innovation, entrepreneurship, job creation, and a return to stateside manufacturing.

In Musk’s letter, he asserts that these loans and Tesla’s efforts have resulted in a resurgence in American manufacturing ability and the creation of over 3,500 high quality jobs.


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