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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Thoughts On Psychotropic Medication, Deep Brain Stimulus and Meditation

It continues to amaze me that western science ignores the potential of meditation and yogic disciplines as alternatives to using techniques such as psychotropic medication and procedures like deep brain stimulus. I am watching a video in class where a Dr. is telling the benefits of deep brain stimulus, but then warns that the effects wear off after a few weeks without treatment. It occurred to me that these scientists do not realize that meditation and yogic techniques perform the same function from the inside out. There are studies that prove that regular meditation effects the brain long term. This is akin to, if you teach a man to fish , he can feed himself for life. These Doctors continue to talk about the “cure”, but they are missing the need for a daily self regulated practice for there to be a lasting change. A human being habitually interacts with an environmental feedback system, the reason that the result did not last after treatment is that the environmental feedback is one of the main reasons for “disease” in the first place. Habitual interaction with the environment creates a self regulating human system that needs intentional interventional change of causes to change effects. That’s why therapy works, it becomes a habitual interaction change based on healthy emotional reinforcement.  Without a change in daily routine, without significant internal effort, external treatments do not have a chance to “cure” a person. However, I believe that external treatments as augmentations to this sort of daily practice is surely a powerful combination.

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