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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Obama’s endorsement of Gay Marriage Will Likely Give Him Poll Boost

Although I do believe our President is genuine with his endorsement on this issue, I had and have no delusions about the fact that he would not have done this if he did not believe it would help him win the Presidency. As I said yesterday, the voters who would be turned off by this are not likely to vote for the President, but a large number of swing votes might be swayed to vote for him based on this issue. This basically includes independent voters and young voters. The population of America is basically split on gay marriage, but independent voters and young voters are not.  From the article, independents are for Gay marriage at a 57-40 clip, and amazingly 71% of those 18-29 are for gay marriage. I have to take a second to applaud America’s youth, this number alone shows that America is poised to enter a new era in regards to civil rights. The youth have grown up in a true melting pot culture where music, art and pop cultures from all walks of life have come together. It might very well be that the problems we face today will be extinct as we transition leadership over to the younger generation. Lastly, that Obama is a smart cookie.

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